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MSP ltd and IMS Software have announced a partnership

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NC-PerfectPart won 'Best Production Management

System' at the MWP awards!

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We have new vacancies in engineering and development


Simple part setup and machine diagnostics


We create advanced manufacturing technology, using metrology software. Our flagship product NC-PerfectPart gives you concession free parts.


Every machine tool is capable of producing a perfect part - does yours? If poor fixturing is the cause, we will eliminate the problem for you. Save money, time, material, waste and reduce the uncertainty in your processes.


Based in Alnwick, Northumberland, we are experts in software fixturing, CMM controller interfaces, client and server I++, machine tool probing, measurement strategies for complex parts and data input + feedback for manufacturing processes.


We are experts in advanced probing technology. MSP's UCCserver and Equator system are sold worldwide by our global partners Renishaw PLC.

Check your machine            Automate part setup                   Save money                          Save time



Automated part setup completely removes the possibility that your machine tool will machine bad parts.

machine benchmarking



NC-Checker quickly checks your machine tool’s linear and rotary movements and combines the results in one report.

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